Planned Maintenance & Hygiene Tracking

Planned Maintenance & Hygiene Tracking

The Planned Maintenance module provides the ability not only to generate regular service tasks but also ad-hoc repairs. Multiple Locations and Areas, may be defined in the system which also supports the ownership of tasks and their allocation to operatives. Tasks may be selectively printed to provide fully detailed Job Sheets together with summaries for each operative.

Reminders are issued where planned tasks have not been completed. Various management information reports and displays to assist in the efficient operation of either the maintenance or hygiene departments.

In addition to the planning aspect the system also provides the necessary tracking and traceability functions to meet the demands of the most demanding customer, certification or regulatory body and may assist in providing information where it is necessary to prove that “due diligence” was taken.

This module may be integrated with other Ceres modules or may be operated as a stand alone module.

Hygiene Tracking can operate independently from other Ceres modules. Regular and ad-hoc hygiene tasks can be scheduled, job sheets and supervisor inspection summaries are printed. An audit trail is maintained when the system is updated with the completion of each task.

The CERES Hygiene Planner enables the Hygiene Manager not only to plan, but to monitor and record progress. Operative instructions can be maintained for each task, these instructions can optionally be printed as an instruction manual or individually on each operator’s job sheets.

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