Quality and service have been the hallmarks of Bakery Computing since our beginning in 1979. Through a rich blend of experience, skill and technology, we are able to provide evolving solutions to meet the changing demands of the Baking and Food Industries.

Pressure on margins from the high street multiples, tighter quality standards and increasing levels of legislative intervention each bring their own set of problems.

These issues are now commonplace even for the specific requirements of a food manufacturer hence our development emphasis is directed towards production planning, identifying yield variation, raw material and product traceability, complaint handling, maintenance and hygiene tracking (with their important “due diligence” implications).

Bakery Computing was founded by Ian Hawkins, himself a baker for many years. He was the youngest ever winner of the British Baker Challenge Shield whilst at Cardiff Bakery School, spent ten years in bakery management with RHM and then returned to his roots to take over the family bakery business. It was there he developed a computer system for his own use, sold copies to other bakers who learned of it and the rest, as they say, is history!

Being in the same ownership since it started and having no less than six employees with their 20 year stripes – illustrates the consistency and stability at Bakery Computing. This strong staff base enables us to offer both experience and reliability to our customers.

Our loyal customer base, some who have been with us since the beginning, have received the benefits of our constant development policy. As their business requirements grow and change, we have worked closely with them to ensure our systems grow and adapt to their needs. It is with their help that our software is what it is today.

As the future unfolds, with its own unique challenges and rewards, you can be sure that Bakery Computing will continue to answer those demands, all to the benefit of our customers as we take I.T. for the Food and Baking industries on through the 21st Century.

Total Experience – Total Knowledge

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