Bakery Reconciliation

Bakery Reconciliation

The need to monitor and control finished and part finished products, through production, packing and finally to despatch is paramount. This is complicated by some product passing through the production to despatch process and leaving the site within a couple of hours. While other products are held in part finished, retarded, finished, or frozen states in different parts of the bakery.

The most efficient method of control is when all parts of the process, from receipt of raw materials, recipe costing and raw material usage is fully integrated.

Where full integration is operational reconciliations are carried out at all stages.

This module deals with the control and reconciliation of all products which will eventually be sold.


Reconciliation is carried out daily with a weekly summary.

Good Production – is reconciled to – Gross Despatches

Like products may be grouped together in order to accommodate wrapper changes.

Example :

The same large white loaf is used for many different lines, Thick, Thin, Medium, plus own label wrapper.

One total production figure may be entered for large white, the reconciliation program would automatically reconcile Thick, Thin etc against this production figure showing the gross variance.


Facilities are provided for the input of stocks of finished products at various points.

Bakery Waste

Bakery waste per product, with the ability to specify area and the reason why the waste produced.


Enquiry features to view the present situation of any stock point.

Ability to compare this weeks waste with historical data.


Daily report on units and value produced broken down into the various cost centres within the bakery.

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