Ceres on-line

Ceres on-line

Our specialist bakery software for the past 25 years has been developed to run exclusively on IBM iSeries. The iSeries is a true business machine, capable of supporting many (10s-100s-1000s) of concurrent users. Computer hardware and our software being priced accordingly, has meant that we market mainly to larger bakeries. With the advent of Broadband static IP and VPN technology (Virtual Private Network), has provided us with the possibility to widen our market to encompass smaller businesses who would benefit from the more comprehensive type of software we provide without a large capital investment.

Our CERES application covers all the main areas of business control with the exceptions of Payroll and Human Resources which we believe are best handled by specialist software.

On-Line we market our CERES software on an all inclusive rental “As Used” service. There is an initial “Set Up” charge which covers initial data entry “on site” training and implementation of the Sales Order Processing / Sales ledger. Ongoing monthly rental is calculated on the basis of number of active customer delivery address.

We believe that charging in this way enables our users to benefit from the increased control which our software provides, by using their existing PCs and broadband, without the need for a large capital outlay. Charges are known in advance and can therefore be budgeted for out of revenue.

Another advantage in using our central host server is that we look after system tasks such as Backups. At our base we have multiple machines and although we cannot guarantee we will never get a breakdown we at least have a spare machine always available. With regard to the broadband connection here again we cannot give a 100% guarantee of connection but over the past 3-4 years using this method we have not had any significant outages.

There is no initial software outlay
The scope of the software
We provide Host server
There is no Hardware maintenance charge to pay
We undertake all system tasks including backups
Telephone support included
You provide and pay for your Broadband connection.
You provide PCs & compatible Printers

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