What is Ceres?

What is Ceres?

What is CERES?

A Fully integrated accounting and bakery control system with an extensive database to provide

The right information, at The right time, to The right people.

To try to convey the overall concept and capabilities of CERES, we would pose, then attempt to answer the following questions.

  • What is it?
  • What does it do?
  • How does it do it?
  • What does it achieve?

What is it?

CERES comprises, computer programs and manual procedures which cover all aspects of bakery accounting and control. Programs and procedures are grouped together, these groupings are referred to as Modules. In this way Sales Ledger and Sales Order Processing are considered as separate modules, even though they are inter linked and interdependent.

Integration has been designed into all modules rather than being added at a later stage, for this reason the installation of CERES can be phased by module, which will build into a comprehensive management tool.

What does it do

Processing all outgoing and incoming business accounting data, in addition acts as a central information repository.

How does it do it

Fully detailed database which records all information in the lowest practical denominator for all subjects.

Being fully multi-user working on a central database, provides access for the appropriate people to the appropriate information.

What does it achieve

Having the correct information presented in a manner that is understandable, will assist all users in the control of the business and in the execution of their job, be they the managing director, credit controller, dough maker or van salesman


Having the best Bakery Software package is only part of the solution, your internal infrastructure the resources you have, coupled with both your and Bakery Computing’s commitment will ensure, not only a successful installation but also continued growth and benefit from the system.

In many respects all computer systems are a compromise, speed against functionally, ease of use etc. etc. There is no, one right way, tastes and user perceptions also change. I am sure that other systems will have features that cannot be used in Ceres, as Ceres has many features and abilities that are not available in other software. In designing Ceres we have first of all taken into account the Baking Industry , its needs, the confines within which it works and the resources that are at it’s disposal, then designed a robust package which is constantly being enhanced and expanded to meet the needs of the baking industry.

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