Recipe Management

Recipe Management

The heart of any bakery control system is Recipe Costings. Ceres takes the work out of calculations by providing immediate and precise costing of any finished or part finished product or base recipe. Each finished product can be given an individual target gross margin and the program will then suggest a price at which it should be sold to maintain your margin.

By keeping files up to date with relevant information on ingredient prices, base mixes, finished recipes and wrappings, any product can be quickly and easily re-costed. Even differing levels of labour content for each product can be computed to accurately assess controllable production costs.

There are a number of distinct and separate reasons why accurate recipe costings should be maintained:

  • Product development
  • Regular re-costing of products
  • Promotions and Sales “What if”
  • To Calculate a Theoretical Usage

Product development

From the conception stage through the product development process, a special section in this module enables you to quickly and easily carry out a full recipe costing. Provision is made for the inclusion of ingredients, existing base recipes and ingredients plus other costs, which are not normally used, or have been obtained as samples.


You set the level of gross profit you wish to achieve for each individual product. Regular ongoing re-costing of all products to monitor manufacturing costs and the selling prices of products. A Gross Profit and Net Contribution for each and every product. A Suggested selling price to achieve your gross profit standard.

What if

Extensive “What If” capabilities, which enable you to measure the effect of anticipated raw material or yield changes. Ability to calculate the net contribution of any product, taking into account different discounts and promotional offers.

Theoretical Usage

Check your actual usage against your theoretical to ensure that what you are costing is what is actually happening in the bakery. There is no point in having a costing which specifies using a scaling weight of 500 grams when the bakery are actually scaling in at 550 grams.


Multiple recipe versions can be maintained, developed and released to the production department and a full history of all versions are maintained.

Standard Costing

In addition to using current material prices,  the system can also cost using Standard Costs, allowing average expected prices to be used for costing and providing the ability to monitor Buyer performance.

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