Purchase Order Processing

Purchase Order Processing

CERES Purchase Order Processing has been designed to be used where you wish to control your purchasing using approved suppliers of authorised items. The system has details of all items (Articles) and which suppliers are Authorised to supply these articles and at what price.

Any orders raised will be checked against the article and supplier information. Control emphasis therefore, correctly changes from Invoice Approval to that of Authorisation of Order.

In addition to being able to add text to the order, text may also be added to individual lines within the order. Authorised Orders may be printed or transmitted by FAX or e-mail.

This module handles the entry, maintenance, authorisation and printing of all Purchase Orders. Receipt of goods is handled by the Inventory module and subsequent matching of the supplier invoice by the Purchase Ledger module. Although spanning several modules data is all held within a common database, separate modules permit the different departments to work on different cycles (stores weekly, purchase ledger monthly) and for access to different parts of the data to be controlled.

Each order has a “status” which changes as the order progresses through the system. Completed orders are archived for historical purposes and may be viewed at any time.

On receipt of goods: details are entered from the delivery note, this is checked against the order. On receipt of the invoice: full invoice matching, together with price and quantity checks against the original order, so that discrepancies are highlighted, if there are no discrepancies the invoice is automatically posted to the purchase ledger.

Where the quantity received differs from the quantity ordered or goods are received without an order being raised by using the “No Order” feature, a record is generated that alerts the Buyer to the anomaly. Anomalies can only be cleared by authorised personnel.

This module provides comprehensive enquiry and reporting options and integrates with the Purchase Ledger and Inventory.

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